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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Six Tips for better Meditation

Success in meditation is not the result of a single factor but depends on a sustained and systematic effort over some time. However, there are six tips for meditation that will help you improve your performance, no matter which method of meditation you follow.

Prepare your body for meditation
Your physical condition has a huge influence on your mind. This is true for your day-to-day activity, but more so when it comes to meditation. You can prepare your body for meditation by eating the right food and coming to meditation on an empty stomach. Eating good food means food that strengthens the body but has no negative effect on the mind. If you consume products that make your mind dull or over-stimulated, it will be much more difficult to meditate. And whatever your diet, when you sit down to meditate, it should be on an empty stomach. This is why one of the best times to meditate is in the morning, before having breakfast. Another good time is in the evening, before the evening meal.

Six Tips for better Meditation

Prepare your mind for meditation
Just as your body needs to be prepared, so does your mind. Before you start meditation, you need to convince yourself, that this period of meditation is your time for personal growth, and that it is important, as important as anything else in your life. When you close your eyes to meditate, you should not jump to answer the phone or prepare to quit your meditation due to a slight disturbance. If you convince yourself of the importance of meditation, then your example will also convince others around you and they will not disturb you during meditation. So remember that your meditation periods are one of the most important parts of your daily routine and treat them as such.

Sing before meditation
Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore said, “God respects me when I work, but He loves me when I sing”. This explains the place of song and music in all the great spiritual traditions. Before you start meditation, you can sing spiritual songs, the meaning of which lifts your spirit. It doesn't matter if you have a "good" voice or a "bad" voice, sing from the heart, and your mind will go to a point that will be the perfect starting point for your meditation.

Sit in an appropriate position
Remember when you were at school and the teacher looked around and saw someone sprawl in his seat, and she said, “sit up straight!” She had a good point; when the back is straight, the mind is alert. Sit in a position that will keep your back straight. Sit cross-legged in a single position, or half a lotus or a full lotus. In addition to making the mind more alert, these positions help you to rest the various motor organs and provide a peaceful physical foundation for your meditation.
At first, these positions may seem difficult or uncomfortable, but if you can get used to them, they will help you deepen your meditation.

Six Tips for better Meditation

Be regular in your meditation practice
This is one of the key factors for success. Meditation works if you work. If you only meditate once a month or on a whim, when you feel like it, then it will be impossible to succeed and realize the benefits of meditation: mental clarity, inner peace, love of others, and spiritual awareness. Make meditation a part of your daily routine. Just as surely as the sun rises every day, do your meditation without fail. Make an appointment in the morning and the evening and do it regularly If you get into the habit of doing your practice regularly, then you have taken one of the most important steps towards success in meditation, and even in your life.

“Rome was not built in a day”, and it is the same for you. You cannot make miraculous changes in your personality or your spiritual life in one meditation session.
Do not be discouraged if you feel that nothing is happening. Meditation is a subtle art, changes come slowly but surely. Keep practicing and your meditation is sure to deepen and you will be successful.

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