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Monday, May 25, 2020

Yoga for Kids at home

At times, it seems that kids today are more motivated to exercise their fingers while playing video games than to move any of their other muscles. In fact, studies indicate that 50% of children and young people between 12 and 20 years old are not exercising enough; and that 34% of these children would not pass an 8-minute test running on the treadmill. Few ways kids can do yoga for kids at home
1.- Let them play video games
If your kids love to play video games, use them as a reward for doing something that moves and activates them. Reward your children for doing their homework and going out to play with their friends after school (preferably outside doing some physical activity). If they do these activities, let them enjoy their free time playing video games after dinner.

Yoga for Kids at  home

2.- Decrease television hours
Minimize the temptation to remain motionless in front of the television, reducing the number of televisions in your home. Or, limit the time allowed to watch television at home (one hour is enough). Another way to lessen your attachment to television is to limit your options: get rid of the DVD collection and change your cable package to the most basic one. If there is nothing good to see, your little one will be less tempted to go in front of the television.

3.- Become their Entertainer
It's all about the right motivation. If you want your son to play a sport, attend his games to cheer him up and cheer him on; In this way, you transmit energy and enthusiasm to them, especially when they start. Share your activities as a social activity and not as a to-do; Try something like: “Come on, put on your tennis shoes, I already have mine. Let's go play! ”

4.- Give him tasks that involve physical activity
Ask your children to do chores at home that require physical activity but are also fun. For example: washing the car, mowing the grass, pulling branches, all this will make your heart pump. Make it fun, having a water fight after washing the car, or having a run to see who can stack more leaves on the tree and then jump on the winning bundle. Even if doing this means working twice, the results will be worth it.
Yoga for Kids at  home

5.- Go for a walk together
Walking is an excellent exercise at any age. If your child is old enough, let him take the dog for a walk. Or take a walk together after dinner, this will help you chat and share time together.
6.- Ask for Fit gifts
If you celebrate her birthday, suggest that guests give her certificates for wall climbing or any other recreational activity.

7. Invite teens to sports and exercise
Take a bike ride, hike into the woods, or even a visit to the fitness gym where you ask the coach to give you age-appropriate exercises. It could become one of your favorite activities, invite them to try it!

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