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Monday, January 13, 2020

A basic skincare routine at home every day

Your face is saggy, wrinkled, dehydrated or acne-prone even though you are not yet 25. Do not complain about why you are so dishonorable, blame yourself for not knowing how to take care of your skin properly.

Innate skin is a wonderful gift for girls. But no matter how beautiful it is, without proper care, it gradually degrades. Therefore, you need to immediately pocket the following basic facial treatments to keep your face healthy every day!

A basic skincare routine at home every day

The basic face care routine in the morning - 5 steps

Don't try to sleep for a few minutes every morning, get up earlier and spend that time to take care of your face before going out. Here are the most basic steps you should take regardless of skin type:

1 Clean with facial cleanser

You have slept all night long, do not come in contact with the dust where needs cleaning? Yes! At night, the skin discharges a lot of oil, more dust and bacteria from the pillowcase can come into contact with the face so washing the face will help clean the face and limit inflammation of the pores.
Washing with water is right but not enough, the cleanser has become a very popular and necessary cosmetic for every girl. Do not be too important expensive, high-end or affordable cosmetics as long as it is suitable and safe for your skin.

Tip: Dry skin, choose products that are gentle, do not need seeds. For oily or normal skin, you can choose a gel cleanser with seeds inside to help gently exfoliate. In addition, there are currently a few cleaning products that can replace your face cleansers such as soap or facial cleanser, try it if you do not find it suitable for traditional cleanser Please.

 Apply toner or rose water

Have you ever noticed, if after washing your face, the skin is usually dry and more intense, especially on winter days? Therefore, we need to use a toner or rose water to balance the moisture on the skin. Toner balances the ideal pH level (from 5.4 to 5.9) so that skin-friendly microorganisms can thrive and harmful microorganisms will be killed.
In addition, toners will help deep clean, remove the debris deposited deep under pores that cleanser can not wash away. This not only makes the skin absorb nutrients from the cream better but also limits the risk of acne and tightening pores.
How to use: Just take out the palm of your hand a sufficient amount of about a dozen drops of toner, then use a cotton ball to absorb and lightly dab on the skin, then pat to help the skin be absorbed better. Note that women should choose toner or rose water that does not contain alcohol

3: Apply Serum/essence

Serum or Essence (the essence of these two types is the same, except that Essence is looser than Serum) is still often likened to a divine skincare essence because they have a microscopic molecular size (calculated in nano). Therefore, it penetrates deeper into the skin and acts more effectively.
n serums, thickening agents or moisturizers have been removed (meaningless fillers), so skincare essences are more concentrated. Therefore, Serum or Essense is usually more expensive, but just using a very small amount is enough to bring an extremely effective effect on the way people often say that "small but martial".

A basic skincare routine at home every day

Applying serum to your face is often the best compliment when your skin is in bad condition, such as wrinkles, dullness, or acne. The simplest way to use a serum is to apply 2 -3 drops of serum to the palm and apply it to the face (the process is done after the toner is completely dry).
Each Serum / Essence often has its own special use, such as an acne-specific serum, whitening serum, and melasma serum, so choose the one you need, do not combine many types at the same time to avoid using wasteful but not effective.

4: Use a moisturizer

Although serums contain a lot of moisturizing ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid or ceramide, don't equate serums and moisturizers. As mentioned above, serums do not contain a substance that prevents the diaphragm from blocking, and the moisture supplied to the face quickly evaporates. That's why we need to apply moisturizer to create a protective layer of "internal and external.

5: Use sunscreen

Do not think you need to apply sunscreen outside, even at home, your face skin can be affected by radiation on the computer screen, phone ... Therefore, after applying lotion, apply sunscreen, apply face but do not ignore the neck skin. However, when you go out, remember to cover carefully, sunscreen does not help you prevent dark skin when exposed to the sun, it only works to prevent radiation from the sun to prevent your face. Redness, burnt and prevent skin cancer only.
The sunscreen is good for the face, so it has 2 SPF from 50 ~ 50 (Sun Protection Factor) measuring UVB and PA ++ / PA +++ protection (Protection Grade of UVA) to measure UVA protection.

Basic skincare routine in the evening

The steps of  skincare in the evening are quite similar to the ones for the morning, but you should remove makeup before the following steps.
If you have applied makeup with a thick layer of chalk or other difficult-to-remove cosmetics, use makeup remover, otherwise, if you are using a bare face or a light makeup, use a makeup remover.
Step 1 (Makeup remover) -> Step 2 (Use a cleanser) -> Step 3: Use toner -> Step 4 (Apply essence serum) -> Step 5 (Apply moisturizer or lotion)

In addition, a few other essential evening skincare steps that you should apply weekly to make your skin clearer and brighter.

Most beauty experts recommend that women exfoliate every 1-2 weeks depending on the skin type. Because on the surface of the epidermis, each day the skin produces about 5 billion new cells and trains aging cells. But for many reasons that dead skin does not fall off on its own but attaches to the surface of the skin, eventually turning into thick horns that cause bacteria and dirt to accumulate. This is the reason why the skin becomes rough, dull and drier.
Therefore exfoliation is essential to help the process of new skin regeneration faster, contributing to the fullness of aging problems and help the skin to easily absorb nutrients from cosmetics.
There are many ways to exfoliate, you can buy an exfoliating cream or make your own at home using natural recipes. If your skin is sensitive, you should choose a small, smooth grain combined with massage to help remove old skin cells on the skin.
You know, one of the most common causes of acne on the face is clogged pores. Washing your face only helps to clean the surface but cannot wash away bacteria deep in the hair follicles. Therefore, steam is an appropriate and very simple method to clean the pores while stimulating blood circulation and producing collagen for younger-looking skin.

You can steam only with water or in combination with some herbs such as lemon, conditioner, basil ... Sauna should be done in the evening after cleansing and washing your face will help you relax and have asleep. more delicious.


Masking for the face is also one of the most professional skincare steps applied in many beauty spas. The mask is important because the skin also needs minerals, special care, replenishing necessary things, helping the skin to age more slowly, with high elasticity, wrinkle removal, smooth ... that everyday products do not provide. enough. The mask should be used 2-3 times/week.
Masking should be done after exfoliating, washing and massage. You can choose the types of paper masks for your convenience or make your own natural masks (from butter, bananas, potatoes, green tea powder ...) if you like.

After reading this article, you may be a little confused as to why skincare is so many steps, so many cosmetics, and lotions. Do not rush to complain because there is a reason for it because people often say that " natural beauty but not natural beauty ", everything you have needs to be exchanged. Moreover, the use of any expensive or cheap skincare products is not too important, but the most important thing is that it is suitable for andhelps your skin healthy and the way you use it every day.

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