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Friday, January 3, 2020

12 Tips for proper facial care for clean acne, bright smooth skin

12 tips for proper facial  for clean acne, bright smooth skin, to own skin smooth, clean, healthy turned out to be not too difficult as people think if you know how to properly care for the skin. Because once appearance is not an "innate" advantage, create it yourself!

12 Tips for proper facial care  for clean acne, bright smooth skin

1. Do not wash your face with hot water

Washing your face is the first thing you should remember when you wake up in the morning and after work. There are many types of cleanser, soap or face wash powder available today. So take some time to learn to choose for themselves the most appropriate product.

Naturally, to wash your face thoroughly requires water. But it's important to never wash your face often with hot water. Winter can be a bit embarrassing, but exposing your face to hot water will gradually lose the natural moisture balance, the skin will quickly become dry, flaky and aging.
Tips: Wash your face with cool water at the most appropriate temperature, winter can add hot water but only slightly warm.

You may want to know how your daily facials look like, so read the following article "Basic Light and Dark Facials".

2. No need to use a washcloth

The habit of washing your face by rubbing a towel with your skin has been around for a long time, but from now on, stop for a day as it can cause skin irritation. We should only use a soft towel to absorb the remaining water after washing your face.

3. Exfoliate 1 -2 times per week

Exfoliating your face with coffee powder, sugar or honey ... there are so many kinds of exfoliating mixes that you can get ready for a batch in your spare time. Just safe, "chestnut" helps smooth, acne-free skin.
If you don't have the time, you should buy ready-made exfoliants or chemical exfoliating gels.
Exfoliating is a necessary and good step for the skin, but don't overdo it. We only need to do 1-2 times per week depending on the type of skin to avoid excessively worn epidermis to become more sensitive and sunburnt.

4. Has Detox skin been thought of?

Detox is a concept that many women may still be confused. It is a method that helps purify the body and eliminate toxins. Here, the dirt, sebum, and toxins accumulated deep in the hair follicles for a long time also need to be excreted to help clean the skin deeply, prevent dark spots and support the next steps of skincare.

12 Tips for proper facial care  for clean acne, bright smooth skin

How can you detox skin?

It's simple! One is steaming your face with warm water every week. Second, apply a detox mask or exfoliate.
In addition, Detox for face skin can also be done through the eating route again. Because refreshing foods often help cool the body and detoxify the skin.

5. Avoid touching your face heavily

This is probably a bad habit but many girls suffer. Rub your face, or put your hands so your face to squeeze acne accidentally causes bacteria from your hands to stick on the skin. Squeezing the acne not only causes the skin to be damaged but also makes the acne quickly spread to the surrounding area, leaving many unsightly bruises.

6. Pay attention to the hair

Proper facials need to pay attention to hair. For acne sufferers, keeping your hair clean is an important part of helping acne. Weak hair, dirty hair, and touching the skin on the face will make acne more common and difficult to treat. Therefore, tie your hair neatly and wash your hair regularly!

7. Sanitize anything that comes into contact with your face

If not regularly cleaned, dirty makeup, dirty pillows can also be a potential cause for acne to 'rise'.
Therefore, in order to avoid the risk of pimples from these unsanitary brushes, they need to develop a habit of regularly cleaning makeup brushes and sponges regularly and cleanly after each time of use.
Also, keep the screen of your phone about 2 -3 cm away from your face, avoid touching the face directly.
Use a one-time mask or wash it as often as your daily clothes.
Blankets and pillowcases also need to be changed weekly to ensure hygiene and avoid harmful bacteria on the skin.

8. Moisturizing is a necessary step

You don't go out too much, you sit in the air all day so moisturizer is the easiest and most effective choice. Before using the computer, you should apply a thin layer of lotion that acts as a protective film to better protect the skin from the harm caused by the computer.

9. Apply sunscreen even if you are only in the room

In the past, you used to think that sunscreen should be applied 30 minutes before going out. But even without going out, your face can still easily absorb radiation from the heat in the kitchen area, radiation from the computer screen ... So please apply as soon as possible.
Well, one more thing! Despite the shady days, let's not forget the sunscreen. UV has a very specific rule, meaning it is not affected by the weather whether it is sunny or rainy, winter or summer, it can still work normally.

On cool days, UV protection by wearing sunscreen and wearing a tight hat when going out will make you no longer "beautiful" in front of everyone around. Not to mention, UVA rays with a wavelength of 400 - 320 nm can still penetrate the fabric and affect the dermis, causing cell damage, cancer, and aging skin. Therefore, UV protection with clothing is not a good solution in this case.

10. Wear a mask, sunglasses, and careful shielding when outdoors

Wearing a mask, glasses or layers of clothing may not help you to best prevent the sun's ultraviolet rays in the summer, but at least it is a quite useful protective layer to limit smoke and dirt. your skin. Do not be afraid when others call you Ninja, because if you do not cover the skin will easily be black and sunburn there.

11. Do not overdo cosmetic and makeup too thick

No matter how healthy your face is, it's hard to resist the impact of thick makeup and many types of cosmetics. Try to apply light makeup only when necessary, while at home, the bare face is still the top priority to help the skin breathe better.
Please observe and apply moderate beauty products. Do not be too strict to use poor quality cosmetics that adversely affect the skin.

12. Sleep is very important

Imagine after a night of waking up on your face will be full of dark circles and puffiness look completely lifeless.
Lack of sleep also means that the production of growth hormones in the body is slowed down. Meanwhile, these hormones have the ability to regenerate, restore and maintain your skin after damage.

Sleep is not only a time for the body to rest, but it is also when the skin is regenerated. If you do not get enough 7-9 hours of sleep every night, collagen production will reduce wrinkles even more.
So don't try to stay up too late or use lots of fancies glasses at night because it will make it harder for you to fall asleep.

That's it, skin beauty and acne treatment do not necessarily apply anything superior. Seriously follow the simple facial treatments at home mentioned above, you will definitely have a healthy skin like that you never need to resort to Spa.

These are 12 Tips for proper facial care for clean acne, bright smooth skin to keep your skin healthy and young.

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