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Thursday, January 2, 2020

10 benefits of a regular yoga

10 benefits of Practicing regular yoga has emerged as a powerful wave that has not been discovered for a long time, and many people wonder what yoga does and how it affects the body. 

10 benefits of a regular yoga

1.Lower blood pressure:

Some of the proofs of living are the elderly, who often suffer from high blood pressure, and after a period of yoga immediately realized that yoga also has a very effective blood pressure-lowering effect. That, practicing yoga every morning for 3 months has reduced systolic blood pressure by 36 points and increased exercise by 15 points.

2. Yoga also helps reduce blood sugar:

Indeed, yoga has so many effects that help the body become better, according to studies of health experts for yoga, they also found that regular toga practice also helps to repel the amount. blood sugar and harmful cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol; regular yoga also helps reduce cortisol, adrenaline, reduce diabetes-related complications, so yoga helps prevent diabetes complications. Street.

3.Practice your focus:

One of the most important effects of yoga is to improve concentration, regular yoga will help, mental clarity, the ability to be coordinated from outside influences significantly reduced, even yoga Both goodwill intelligence (IQ) helps remember better.

10 benefits of a regular yoga

4. Maintaining the nervous system:

A number of yoga researchers have shown that, in many cases, yoga practices for the nervous system, such as creating extraordinary things, heating the hands up to 9 degrees Celsius, creating brain frequencies. It is true that practicing yoga is like a miracle pill in life, so what are you waiting for without studying yoga exercises to start practicing?

5. Doing yoga increases the ability to give birth:

Practicing yoga improves the flow of blood in the pelvic base to help improve your ability to have children and relieve stress and stress at work, so do regular yoga to increase your chances of having a baby. Please.

6. Doing yoga helps you sleep better:

Every day we are exposed to too many stimulants such as carbonated soft drinks, alcohol, and tobacco. Let Yoga help you improve this condition, it provides the brain with time to rest and the effect of it is to create deeper sleep and better sleep. how important is deep sleep?

7. Strengthen the immune system and antibacterial of the body:

Practicing yoga on the body's immune system is like injecting a vaccine with an antibacterial concentration, which has been scientifically proven to have a strong effect on the body's immune system and has A vaccine that helps regulate the immune system. Boosts as needed as injects a dose of antibody vaccine and decreases it as needed by the body. (Reduces immunity to certain diseases such as psoriasis)

8. Good For Your Lungs:

In yoga with a practice called 'full breathing', this exercise is often used for people with weak respiratory systems, if regular exercise will help improve your lungs very effectively. tended to breathe less than normal people, according to a practical demonstration that after 1 month of abif "full breathing" abifs adjusted breathing rate from 13.4 breaths/minute to 7.6 beats/minute. With the ability to regulate breathing helps oxygen saturation higher blood.

9. Prevent digestive problems:

Symptoms such as irritable bowel syndrome and constipation are closely related to the body's long-term stressful working routine, but yoga helps to relax the stress, thereby eliminating the illness. physiology of digestion.

10. Change yourself in a positive way:

practicing yoga helps you to be aware of the good things, to see the surrounding issues in a more positive way, to build yourself to be more responsible, responsible for yourself. Emotions, irrational irritability, a study shows that anger is closely related to cardiovascular and mental chaos.

Practicing yoga helps you reduce yourself, reduce your anger, face positive problems, your compassion and your direction of goodness. being patient and understanding people, connecting with the community more widely, thereby showing us that yoga always brings back the good things in life, helping us to have a good life, good health to overcome all difficulties