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Monday, December 2, 2019

If You Want To Be A Winner, Change Your WIEGHT LOSS Philosophy Now!

Losing weight is not easy, nor quick… Who does not dream about sliming out in no time?
There are so many ways to lose weight in such a short time, but most of them will make you feel hungry and miserable. But you know what? It is actually possible to lose up to 5 kgs in only 5 days It is going to be a hard goal to reach though, but with the right diet plan and the right exercise routine, we believe you can make it! For that, we will provide you with the most essential steps for a diet plan that will not only make you decrease your appetite but also lose weight really fast and improve your metabolic health. And, if you are one of our female readers, keep reading until the end 

Change Your WIEGHT LOSS Philosophy Now!

1. Weight Loss diet is a synonym of low carb diet

It is known that ‘weight loss diet’ is a synonym of ‘low carb diet’. Following one is actually the quickest and most efficient way to lose weight. By cutting carbs, your appetite decreases since you reduce your intake of sugar and starches. This makes you consume fewer calories and eventually puts your body in a state that burns fat instead of carbs to produce energy. This will definitely help the process of losing weight. Cutting carbs also decreases your insulin levels, which makes you lose water weight quickly by making your kidneys get rid of surplus water. Now that you know the benefits of a low carb diet, let us get to the essential: how do you actually cut carbohydrates? There are numerous foods that contain carbs, but you only need to cut the ones that are mostly carbs such as bread, pasta, rice, pastries, etc. These are grain-based foods and cutting them will not do any harm to your body because you can find their other nutrients in different foods. The best alternative is to replace them with low glycemic grains foods such as steel-cut oats and brown rice. There are multiple other foods that contain carbs. Fruits, for example, are very rich in carbs and sugars. We have also starchy vegetables and dairy products. You do not need to immediately cut these off because they add a great nutritional value to your diet. Just make sure to limit their consumption. But it is still better to switch to non-starchy vegetables such as broccoli, mushroom, cucumber, asparagus, etc. Nonstarchy vegetables are actually very important to your diet since they are low-calorie foods that will provide your body with many important nutrients it needs. Make sure to include them in every meal and eat large amounts of them as long as the intake does not exceed 50 net carbs per day. Consuming low-calorie foods will eventually make you decrease your overall calorie intake, help your weight loss, and also stabilize your blood sugar.

2. High protein low carbs diets are the perfect combination to Loss weight

High protein low carbs diets are the perfect combination to lose weight in no time. So, in addition to cutting carbs, you should also have an adequate intake of proteins. They will make you feel full for a longer time and lessen your cravings. And therefore, make you able to control your appetite and handle your hunger This means one absolute thing: No more snacks! You will only be eating 2 to 3 meals per day. Lean proteins are best for you since they are lower in calories which will increase your weight loss even more. You can find them in foods such as eggs, cheese, lean beef, fish and seafood, vegetables, poultry, etc. Your diet will be essentially based on meat and vegetables and will provide your body with all the vitamins, fibers and minerals that it needs to be in good health and shape.

3. Drinking fluids is a key success to weight loss

Whether your goal is to lose weight or not, you should put your health as a priority. Drinking adequate fluids is very important and drinking enough of them actually helps your weight loss. You are probably asking yourself how? Actually, if you are dehydrated, your body will be sending your mind signals that you might confuse for hunger and this will push you to consume more calories. Your drinks should be hydrating of course but most importantly calorie-free! Water and flavored water are the best options. But you can also have coffee and tea as long as they are decaf (with no milk nor sugar) It is advised to drink up to 12 cups of water per day. If you are not used to drinking a lot of water, you should drink at least 8 cups (which is about 2000 ml).

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