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Friday, December 27, 2019


15-minutes-day-of-morning-yoga-exercises to start off a long day at work. The spin of life can make you feel drowsy every time you wake up. Taking a few minutes to calm down or do some light exercise will be good for your spirit.   15 minutes of morning yoga exercises will definitely help you have a day full of energy.

15-minutes-day-of-morning-yoga-exercises for a new day full of life


 Breathe alternately

In morning yoga exercises, alternating breathing is considered the most basic, easy to do an exercise that everyone should do. This exercise works to activate the nervous system, lower blood pressure, enhance respiratory function. Breathing alternately also helps you improve attention and increase performance. You can refer to how to perform this morning yoga exercise as follows:

Step 1: Press Pravana with your right hand. Press Pravana by folding your index and middle fingers so that they touch the palm

Step 2: Close your left nostril with your right hand and breathe slowly with your right nose

Step 3: Continue to breathe in through the right nose and exhale with the left nose

Step 4: Perform the cycle as above 5 rounds. Always start by breathing in with your left nose

Posture to greet the sun

The posture of the sun is another popular morning yoga exercise, also known as Surya Namaskar, originating from India. The word Surya in the name here is taken from the name of the sun god that Hindus worship. Sun pose describes the most natural things, such as the image of nature, stretching to welcome the sun to grow and flourish. That is why this is listed in the interesting morning yoga exercises.

Few people know that this morning yoga exercise in addition to improving the morning spirit also helps you own smooth skin, full of vitality. This 12-stroke exercise will help you relax your muscles and bones throughout your body. At the same time, if you exercise in the morning sun, it also helps you increase the absorption of vitamin D for the body.
You can refer to how to perform 12 movements in this morning yoga exercise as follows:
  • Stand up straight, hands folded in front of your chest. Take a deep breath.
  • Two hands raised overhead, leaning back. If you have a bone and joint problem, just raise your hand, not your back.
  • Bend over and keep your feet straight so that your hands are around your ankles.
  • Step forward, lowering your knees so that it's perpendicular, straight back, ears touching the ground.
  • Keep the same hand posture, bringing both legs back
  • Continue as the above moves but slowly lower the body close to the ground
  • Lower the whole body, hips to the floor. Straight up, lean.
  • Bring your hips up in a V-shape
  • Repeat step 4 with the other leg
  • Repeat movement 3
  • Repeat step 2
  • Repeat step 1

Two basic morning yoga exercises that you can do at home. But to really understand as well as effectively practice Yoga, you should look for a prestigious and methodical practice site.  with a variety of yoga classes every month. If you are interested in yoga classes that are more about spiritual relaxation, you can refer to Yoga meditation s here.


Meditation is also known as Meditation class, with exercises that are suitable for morning yoga. In this class, you not only learn about yoga but also learn about meditation. Meditation is a method to help you arouse the calm, happiness, joy in the body. This class is suitable for most people because studying meditation methods is simple, easy, and does not require much experience. This is an effective treatment for diseases caused by mental stress, helping to find peace of mind and optimism in life.

Yoga experts help you to practice in a professional environment, with the gym system of international standards. Yoga instructors will design a similar lesson for morning yoga, which is suitable for beginners. The lectures here are based on an international model, suitable for all subjects. You just need to persevere in practicing every day, not only will your spirit be comfortable, but your physique will also greatly improve.

15-minutes-day-of-morning-yoga-exercises will help you reduce drowsiness, enthusiasm for a long day. But to understand deeply and practice more methodically than yoga, you should immediately choose a prestigious fitness center, quality assurance to practice.

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